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Right now I find myself in Colorado. But first! How I got there.

So I've been pretty much absent from the Louisiana furs community for a while. And there's a simple enough explanation for that- the military shipped me out of Louisiana!

They didn't ship me far though, I'm up in Columbus, Mississippi, well most of the time but we'll get to that. This whole thing is going to be sorta like one of those old boring slideshows your relatives showed you of trips.

After graduating LSU the military told me that they'd see me in six months. So I took the first couple of those months to travel the country. Hitting such exotic locations as Kansas City, Columbus (Ohio) and even Anthrocon!

Here's a Youtube video of the puppy going for a spin!

With my money mostly spent, and 4 months left to go I got a job making smoothies. It sucked. I do have a few pictures from then but not of me. And I did get to trek out to Oklacon with a friend of mine.

So after six long months of waiting, smoothieing, and drinking. It was at last time to go enter the exciting world of pilot training! Oh wait- what's this? You want me to wait until July? Well... crap. Never fear though, they found a job for me. Working 10 hours a day processing peformance reports. Glee!

Still, it helped pass the time until I was off to Air and Space Basic Course! Where I got to do such fun things as sit in class all day, pose for myspace photos in my bathroom. And get gassed in order to inspire confidence in my gasmask. I told them I was confident enough without taking it off, didn't work.

We also got to play an exciting game called Icarus. Basically, think of dodgeball and capture the flag combined with a 20 page rulebook. The whole goal being to simulate aerial warfare. Fun, but really really odd. We put on facepaint in the hopes of intimidating the other team... we lost horribly.

After six weeks of fun and excitement it was back to Mississippi... where I went back to the joys of paperwork. Until at last, it was time to go to Initial Flight Screening in Pueblo, Colorado. Where I would fly the MIGHTY DA-20 Katana. 100 horsepower of raw fury. With a top speed of Mach .15 and... alright. I can't do it anymore. The thing has less power than a Cessna.

Now, I had the option of either driving, or flying. If I flew, than it was free. If I drove, I got paid 52 cents a mile. Can you say roadtrip! I stayed at furries place along the way, and gotta visit Kaiya and her mate up in Oklahoma City. I also saw this in New Mexico. I'm not sure why it was interesting- as it was a sign in the middle of nowhere with nothing but flat around it. But apparently it was:

So as I neared my destination there was just one more mountain pass left... and a small blizzard. My Honda Civic does not handle blizzards so well. Nor does this stretch SUV which apparently belonged to some celebrity who got stuck as well. The driver would of course, not say who:

So now I'm here now in good ol' Pueblo Colorado. Or the dirty P as the rest of the non-locals call it. Mainly because it's dirty. Learning how to fly is alot of work, but fun at the same time. And stressful. There's a good bit of sleep deprivation. Part of that work involves sitting in a trainer like this and pretending to fly the plane... It's not as goofy as it sounds.

That's pretty much it. If you read all of this, thanks! If not- well I wouldn't have either!

Back to studying!

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kinda like a fully loaded tractor trailer trying to get up a hill, eh? I'm sure I could hit 125mph on a good downhill, though I'd probably get fired XD

Very cool that you are a pilot. I've thought about going to flight school, but money and time are big obstacles

Heh, well I'm not paying for it myself ;)

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