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Christmas Time!
So it's time for another photo collage! This time of my Christmas suit photos. All of the pics are viewable on my FA, and in order. But here's a few of my favorite ones.

So! I've also been flying a ton. Ought to finish up with T-6's in about three weeks. Right now I'm thinking that I'd honestly prefer to go heavy/cargo aircraft rather than fighters. For quite a few reasons, some of which are personal. Some of which are related to flying.

And for a couple of flying related pics! It's tradition that after your first solo flight you get dunked. It's also tradition than you have to fight as much as possible to prevent this. I tried my best, but you ALWAYS get dunked. If you make it back into your flight room though, everyone has to buy you a case of beer. We only had one person make it back in. They did so by hiding in a trashcan and having two workers wheel them in while pretending to be collecting recycling. Even then he was almost caught, making a flying leap out of the trash can at the last minute to leap into the room as the worker ran him in. I did not make it into the room, I did however put up a decent fight

Last but not least is a much more recent photo. It's actually a screenshot from a video someone took so you'll have to excuse the low quality. I'm flying the lead aircraft in the picture while we're doing a formation take off:

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LOL at the dunking ;) Awesome flying solo and the flight pic is fucking cool as shit! *Hugs*

The mouse pics are cute as hell hon *Hugs*

That's really cute! :D Murry C-mos!

Congrats on your first solo flight too!

Other excitements!

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